Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Straight Pipes, Really?

People can ride whatever they want even if it means its some overweight lump of chrome that's too low to the ground to go around a right corner or slow down if anything within a quarter mile of it comes to a quick stop. That is until they take this lump and opt for straight pipes. Its then that my opinion is free to intrude on what ever they want to throw their leg over. For those who are wondering what in the hell I am talking about let me break it down.

First...go out and spend WAY too much on a brand new antiquated Harley.
Next, remove the stock mufflers that come on the bike.
Finally, find chrome pipes and slap them on. NOTE: these chrome pipes have NO sound deadening whatsoever.

We've all heard these guys rolling down the street/highway. They blimp the throttle and you either loose your hearing for 10 minutes because you were the unlucky schmuck who was next to them or you can't hear yourself think while they ride away. They do it because "LOUD PIPES SAVE LIVES". What a load of crap. Now I agree that stock pipes on most new bikes make said bike sound neutered and there are plenty of "friendly" options to give your bike a set of balls without waking up an entire city block every time you make it over 2k RPM. For example a guy in my old building had a Harley with the stock pipes changed out but his new pipes still had mufflers. Better flow and the bike sounded like a V-Twin should. It just didn't pierce your head when he went rolling down the street.

My personal rant stems from having lived along a busy street for a solid year and having these guys blaze past at all hours of the day...and it was equally annoying and unnecessary every time. Now that I have moved I live in a VERY quiet neighborhood but there is a freeway a couple miles from the house. I was walking last night and could hear these bikes flying down the freeway. Its one thing to hear the soft rumble of traffic but something else when you can hear these bikes miles from where they are. Uncalled for.

Now, although Harley and other cruiser owners are the biggest violaters of the straight pipe noise problem, there are guys on Sport Bikes who do the same thing. Again...uncalled for.

Now...if I could only decide on the M4 or Two Brothers exhaust for my bike ;)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Violating Bathroom Etiquette

This is the "Wide Stance" offender. Is it so difficult to keep your feet within the space provided at the urinal you're using? Honestly, I don't know how many times I've had to walk into a restroom to find that the guy using the urinal next to the only open one has his legs spread about 10 feet apart. I'm not one to back down and go into a stall so I step up to the urinal. Mr. Spready next to me continues with complete disregard about the fact that he and I are now playing footsies while I cozy up to the opposite side of the wall.

"Just Cruisin' "I've also seen guys who seem to think that the half wall that separates the urinals is somehow reserved for them to rest their arm. It now looks like they are cruising down the boulevard while trying to piss...oh and lets not forget the special ones who incorporate the wide stance mentioned above.

Next comes the "Bathroom Meeting". A quick "hello" or something is fine. But don't turn the bathroom into your own personal conference room. Just because you're ready to talk about the new business plan doesn't mean the guy who just walked in to take a dump is really in the mood to discuss it. It's also distracting for the bystanders who are in the middle of said dump or pee and are just trying to get things done and here you go starting a meeting. At least wait until the person has walked back into the office.

"Rinse and Go". Just cause you got them wet doesn't mean you washed them.

"Towel Tosser". I know you're scared to touch the door handle. Even though you have no problem handling money and all sorts of things that have far more bacteria on them...that paper towel you use every time you walk out of the bathroom to open the door is going to save you. Well please don't subject the rest of us to your neuroticism by lamely trying to throw the towel in the trash and having it land on the floor. It'd also be nice when you make a mess that you pick that mess up...even if it means washing your hands again and using 20 more paper towels.

Anymore you want to add...?

Its All In the Details

So what makes you more upset...when you've discovered that you've driven away from that fast food restaurant with a chicken sandwich rather than the double cheeseburger you ordered...or you got the double cheeseburger, only without the cheese. Personally I'll eat the chicken but a straight burger when you're expecting cheese just doesn't cut it. That's why it always comes down to the details.

With the economy in the state it has sunken into, it definitely feels like people are overlooking those important details more often...or companies are purposely cutting them out to save a few bucks. I heard Olive Garden, known for endless salad and bread sticks, now only serves ONE breadstick per person and a single plate of salad. Eh...why go back, their food wasn't so good anyway. People are finding that their companies are taking away small things like free soda/water, holiday parties, etc... It's everywhere you look! Next time you're out, just think about all of those little things that are missing that really MADE you're experience...whatever those may be.

So in today's economy, you're still getting the same burger but its missing the cheese that made it that thing you craved. Let's go find something else to crave...